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Bali is considered one of the best playgrounds for surfers. The island offers crystal clear waters, mechanical waves, easy swimming. All for a magical surf experience.

Do not worry anymore about scratching your tablet! Protect it with a lightweight case made of durable polycarbonate plastic to prevent shocks and scratches. Discover the beauty of the ocean from the sky with this exclusive photograph of the original "World Tour" collection.

Technical specifications:

Cases designed with the same polymeric materials used in space missions and bicycle helmets, making them extremely resistant to dust, scratches and shocks.

Pre-cut openings perfectly adapted to the locations of the buttons, the speaker and the charging port.

Smooth surface with a matte finish very pleasant to the touch.


Made on demand in one of our international workshops, the closest from your delivery address.


We ship worldwide! It takes about 2-4 days to create the product then you should add up to two weeks of shipping times on top of that.