After several years of experience as a graphic designer then founder of a communication agency and finally digital project manager for a well-known banking society, my instinct dictated that it was time for me to discover new horizons and this is how I initiated the journey that changed me forever.

In 2018, I embarked on an incredible adventure around the world I had the chance to visit places full of culture, history and powerful vital energies that made me start exploring everything I could, camera in hand, as carried by a natural force to capture all the magic that operates there.

Passionate since forever by the Visual Arts, after more than a year spent exploring our planet and thanks to beautiful encounters and circumstantial events, an idea started to grow inside me: Photography is what I want to dedicate my life to.

During my travels, my Eye was sharpening more and more and my skills have increased and allowed me to reconnect with this passion rooted in me. Like a destiny.

Share with as many people as possible my vision of the world, its beauty and poetry, naturally became my new ambition.

Portraits full of life, beautiful sceneries or events rich in emotions, my shots have only one goal: make you live a unique experience, that of being transported through an authentic visual history.

The content of my photos is for me a story of heart. Passionate about the perfect balance between composition, colors and brightness, I leave nothing to chance.

Back in my hometown Paris, being no more a simple amateur of visual art but true artist photographer, I bring you the world as it speaks to me: full of life and beauty that surrounds us, either in urban landscapes and exotic sceneries or seductive portraits, while mixing authenticity and complicity with each atmosphere and models.

My photos are there to make you live magical moments, in constant symbiosis with the universe and the environment that surrounds me. I aspire to capture your most beautiful moments of life and share it with your world.

Discover my work in the portraits gallery and incredible landscapes in my shop.